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You will hear the "whine" sound when you run your PC, and you find that the CPU fan is not running properly after opening the mainframe box. When you replace the CPU fan, the computer black screen and does not boot, here we will talk about how to repair this computer not start problem on this page, we hope you can share this page to your friends if they need like you, thanks.

Fix PC Black Screen and Not Booting after Replacing CPU Fan


How to fix PC not booting (black screen) error after changing CPU fan

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This problem should be caused by the computer hardware, you should first check the hardware connection, and then check the other reasons, try the following steps:

1. Check the CPU fan and find it installed correctly.

2. Remove the CPU fan > check CPU > found that CPU is not installed in place > checked that the CPU's pins are bent.
Bent CPU Pins

3. Straighten the bent pins carefully with tweezers > then install the CPU and CPU fan.

4. Reboot the computer, the black screen error will disappear.

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PC repair tool to fix this error

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That is our help article which helps you to fix black screen and won't boot problem after replacing CPU fan, hope it helps and we thank you for visiting our site!


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Black Screen Not Boot Replace CPU Fan

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>>> Fix Computer Black Screen and Not Boot Error after Replacing CPU Fan

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