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You may receive error message 0x000000aa when blue screen, stop error, install updates ..., this page contains some useful information to repair your computer error code 0x000000aa, if you fixed this error from this help article, you can email us (windowsxpregistrycleaner@gmail.com ) give your feedback, and we hope you can share this page to your friends if they need like you, thanks.


Code 0x000000aa

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  • So basically, every time I attempt to install Windows 7 on my laptop, I am greeted with a STOP Error "0x000000AA".

    Pretty much, I put in the DVD, boot from it, the "copying windows files" something or another progress bar completes, and then I get the "starting windows" screen, and before the cutesy little Windows icon animation can even start, I get a blue screen that says nothing but STOP Error 0x000000AA and then a few more "0x"es in the parentheses next to it. From what I've read, usually this particular blue screen gives the user a speech about "protecting your computer" and stuff, but for me, I get ONE line of text on my blue screen stop error.

    I have tried both possible methods of installation - booting from the DVD, and starting installation while Windows xp is running, and I get the same thing. It is a laptop, it (the problem) is not the ram, don't have any obscure hardware plugged in, no built in wireless card even. Tried with and without the adapter plugged in as well.

    I also checked the bios for any "ACPI" related items (as is what is suggested for this symptom), and found nothing. I never ever had this problem in xp, nor while setting xp up, which I have done recently a few times. The bios is updated to the most recent version as well.
  • How to fix?

    To resolve this problem, "Stop: 0x000000AA" error message typically indicates that the computer BIOS is incompatible with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard that is supported in Windows 7. However, this error can also occur because the computer hardware, the peripherals, or the drivers for those devices are incompatible with Windows 7.

    If you receive this error message when you install Windows 7, follow these steps:

    1.Restart the computer.
    2.Roll back the installation to the previous operating system.
    3.Contact the computer manufacturer for information about how to obtain and to install a BIOS update.
    4.Disconnect any external hardware devices that are connected to the computer. Additionally, remove or disconnect any hardware that the computer manufacturer does not support.
    5.Try to install Windows 7 again.

    You may first run the upgrade advisor on your computer to check if all the hardware installed on your computer is compatible with Windows 7 or not. Follow the given link to download the advisor.
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That is we find the informations to fix pc error 0x000000aa in windows 7, hope our page is helpful to you, if you still need more guide detail, please contact the microsoft support for further help.

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0x000000aa Error

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